Williams town is located where the Yarra River enters Hobsons and Port Phillip Bay, just south west of Melbourne. This area has grown from an industrialised centre to a popular maritime village. This admired suburb just on the outskirts of Melbourne is home to an abundance of historical buildings that have been transformed into bars, restaurants and cafes. Built to appreciate their history and also embrace their new life. 

You can wander through gardens and heritage parks all whilst fully immersing yourself in the maritime history that Williamstown has to offer. The historical architecture, stunning beaches and abundance of parkland compliments the shopping precincts and vibrant cafes making it a lovely place to spend your weekend.  Hidden in the shadows of Melbourne Williamstown offers postcard views of the city skyline perfect to be adored from the luxury of a Victorian Yacht Charters yacht. This is the perfect destination to take time out of life’s hustle and bustle where there is something for everyone.


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